Mental Health and Lupus

When I got diagnosed with Lupus in 2000 the one thing I never thought it'd impact would be to my mental health. But it declined once I realized that I couldn't do things I once loved to do.

I had to stop dancing hula at the Lūʻau at Wailua, Kaua'i. One night while performing the last act, to my embarrassment I could not stand from kneeling on one knee.

I couldn't enjoy hiking to discover our beautiful island. And lounging in the sun at the beach drained me the next day. It was devastating, but I prevailed.

So one thing I always tell other chronic illness warriors who are having issues in their mental health is to hang in there. Remember what makes your life worthwhile and hold onto that until your proverbial storm goes away, because it always does.

Make it an adventure by finding new hobbies because there are so much out there to do. Work on gratitude exercises and find joy in these little things.

Also having a strong support system is a must. Some have their family and life long friends and some find amazing communities on social media. The important thing is to find one because they'll be your saving grace on those really dark days.

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