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Raising A Generation Alpha Kid

Do anyone else's children "window shop" on shopping apps and add them to your cart? You may be raising a kid from the generation alpha which starts on 2010 to 2024. And you're probably a millennial, like me. Well, I'm guilty as well! My youngest is 9 years old now but in 2 weeks he will be turning double digits.

I mean they don't even have to spell! LOL! If they're old enough to speak well, all they'd have to do is press the mic button on a touch screen. It's funny but also fucked up if they become too reliant on that. I'm also guilty of allowing too much screen time. I'm not a perfect mom.

I also have two older sons that are from the generation before Gen Z, a.k.a. the Zoomers. And it was different raising my children back then. First of all, I was young, only 21 when I gave birth to my first son. Secondly, we lived the small island of Kauaʻi, meaning it was country living and when my second boy was born the next year, we spent a lot of time outside.

Running, hiding, riding little trikes and playing with monster trucks in the dirt. I'm also a parent who's okay with them getting dirty when they're outside playing. My third and youngest is a gamer, YouTube watcher, and NFL analyst knows his stats from present to the past, like the 1960s. He blows my mind with the interesting knowledge that he can remember.

If you have the privilege of having a Gen Alpha in your life you know "that they're entertainment is electronic technology, social networks, and streaming services" is what occupies them every day. I ensure that he knows how important it is to be healthy if he continues to life that life. And he does, he eats very well and is starting to be open minded in trying new things. Trying to get him to go outside is a different matter, but we're working on it lol.

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