Myth: weed smokers are lazy

Updated: Feb 28

The major stereotype of a person who smokes marijuana is that they're lazy or a slacker. Read how that is now becoming a myth.

It's perceived by many that weed smokers are lazy. Well after consuming weed for many years I know that to be false. I currently smoke weed, mid to high THC along with a pinch of CBD flowers, selecting the right terpenes and cultivars to achieve my health goal.

Last summer me and a bunch of friends and cannabis influencers on Instagram started a movement called #positivepushups where we challenged fellow consumers to prioritize exercise and a healthy lifestyle. In this experience I found that majority of weed smokers are motivated to be on a health path.

In a recent study, published in the Journal Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology, 47 college students - 25 frequent cannabis consumers and 22 non-users - were asked a series of behavioral assessments known as Effort Expenditure for Rewards Task.

"The results provide preliminary evidence suggesting that college students who use cannabis are more likely to expend effort to obtain reward, even after controlling for the magnitude of the reward and the probability of reward receipt," they wrote. (

As the cannabis industry grows and more people are understanding that this plant has more health benefits than once thought. Even the NFL got into the action and awarded UC San Diego $500,000 to study whether cannabis can help athletes manage pain and help with recovery.

These consistent conclusions shows that the stereotype of a lazy stoner is flawed. I'm excited that cannabis, once feared, is starting to be recognized as a possible therapy. Do you feel that cannabis has increased your motivation?

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